9 Questions We Hope Zayn Malik Answers... Soon

So much was left unanswered after his first major interview since leaving One Direction.

Zayn Malik has finally spoken.

After months of wondering what went down behind-the-scenes of his departure from One Direction, what type of music he's making, and what life is like now for the ex-boy bander, we finally have answers... well, at least some answers.

Yes, Zayn opened up to Fader magazine in a lengthy interview about going solo, his unhappiness with the music he made, and what he has planned for the future, but there are still SO many questions we need answers to.

So, Zayn, if you're reading this, it's not too late to answer these 9 burning questions for us. PLEASE.

What does his room look like?

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Zayn Malik

We know that Zayn has his own pub, a backyard full of toys, and a house that's a "white box with chrome accents evoking Miami Beach," but really I want to know what Zayn's bedroom looks like. Are the walls spray-painted in street art like another room in his house? What color is the bedspread? What posters are lining his walls? The important questions.

What would a Zayn version of 1D sound like?

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Zayn's made it pretty clear that the music 1D were creating was not for him, and there was never "room for him to experiment creatively." Zayn said he would often get into the booth and do a "verse slightly R&B, or slightly myself," which makes me believe that those takes still exist somewhere. Wouldn't you love to hear "Steal My Girl" as an R&B jam? I know I would.

Who did Zayn call first to break the news that he was leaving?

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The singer said he decided to leave the band in a hotel room with his cousin, but he had to have called someone to break the news. So who was his first call? Was it boss Simon Cowell? Was it the band? Also, how did he break the news? I need answers!

Do Zayn and Perrie still talk?


I'm sure most Directioners were relieved to hear that Zayn did not break up with Perrie Edwards via text message, and that he still has nothing but love for his ex-fiance. Both have remained pretty quiet on the breakup front, until now, so we'd love to know if they've spoken since announcing their split in August.

What really went down with Naughty Boy?

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Zayn first started recording his new album with producer Naughty Boy, but things got really heated between the two back in July, after Zayn publicly told Naughty Boy to "stop pretending we're friends." Shortly after that, Naughty said they were, in fact, still friends. Is it true?

Why tell us he wanted a normal life if he was going to start making new music?


Zayn Malik

Back in March, when Zayn announced his departure from One Direction, he said he wanted to be a "normal 22-year-old," but just a few months later he signed with RCA and started working on his debut. Why wasn't he straight up with fans from the very beginning?

Which One Direction song is he most proud of?

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He may not want to listen to 1D at a party with his girl, but there's got to be at least one song that he's particularly proud of. There's that high note on "You & I," or how about "No Control," or when he told us he loved all of our "Little Things?"

Did he and Louis talk after their Twitter fight?

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While Zayn admitted he talked to Liam after he left the band, he didn't say whether he and Louis made up after their epic Twitter fight. Remember Zayn felt "attacked" by Louis' "bitchy comments" regarding Naughty Boy? Yeah, that wasn't a good moment.

What are the "regrets in the summer of 2015?"

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Zayn Malik

In his mission statement to the magazine about his album, he said he was pulling inspiration from his life and "regrets in the summer of 2015." What regrets is he talking about?! Is he referencing his feud with Naughty Boy? His breakup with Perrie? I guess we will find out when the album drops early next year.