Did 50 Cent Throw A Jab At Jay-Z On 'Flight 187'?

We try to figure out if Fif's line was a dis, in 'Off the Dome.'

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] and [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] started out dissing each other, then they became somewhat cool, went on the road together, collaborated on freestyles and songs and the two NYC-bred moguls have made some money together. So will the New York giants be at odds anytime soon? Hmmm.

Fif dropped a video last night from his new mixtape The 50th Law of Power, which includes the line "Jay rockin' that Urkel look, isn't he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he's talking like a Yardie." Is it a stone-cold dis, or is Curtis Jackson just poking a little fun at his friend's much talked about 'fro? Jay had been growing his hair long for about a year, explaining that he didn't want to cut it until [article id="1613283"]his album was completed[/article].

We all know 50's penchant for battling his peers, but usually when he wants to really insult somebody, he gets directly to the point with no gray area. Still, some of the fans on Twitter and Facebook say that the remark is a definite jab.

What will Jay-Z think? Hov for the most part has ignored the bad-mouthing he's received from Cam'ron, Jim Jones and the Game the past few years. In the [article id="1619604"]latest edition of XXL[/article], he calls the West Coast former G-Unit member "no competition."

"I mean, Game, I'm his f---ing idol," Hov said in the October issue. "If you ask him and he's being truthfully honest with you ... it's just based off his insecurities and, for the most part, pretension. That type of competition doesn't do anything for me. It's almost like someone trying to set you up, and everyone knows they're to set you up ... it's just dumb. It's not in the spirit of competition, because he's not competition for me. He's not. Not then, not ever -- he'd have to improve considerably. Competition for me is Nas, Eminem. Like Jim Jones? That's ridiculous to me. So how do I respond to that? I can't win. If I win, then they'll be like, 'See. Now chill. You're a f---in' bully.' And if Game manages to throw a haymaker from the West Coast, then it's like, 'Oooooh.' It's not even fun."

Surely Hov would see 50 Cent as a worthy adversary -- that's if the two decided to spark that lyrical rivalry up again. Personally, the guys up here in 1515 Broadway are hoping it won't come to that. We need more Jay and 50 songs, a real hardcore joint like that Reebok commercial freestyle. We'd love to see Hov and Fif on tour together again, like on "Rock the Mic." It's not up to us though. What do you guys think?

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