6 Insane OMG Moments From Our Exclusive 'San Andreas' Clip

Prepare to have your world rocked.

When s--t goes down, you call Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Why? Because there are few things on Earth that can stand up to the six-foot-five-inch Behemoth and actually survive. However, The Rock may have met his match in "San Andreas" when Mother Nature enters the ring.

In "San Andreas," Johnson is pretty much North America's only hope for survival when a massive earthquake strikes California and threatens to destroy everything, including the other freakin' side of the continent.

This exclusive clip from "San Andreas," from MTV Movie Awards Takeover week, features The Rock, starring as rescue-helicopter pilot Ray, as he attempts to rescue his estranged wife Emma (Carla Gugino) from falling to her death after the devastating quake -- "the BIG one" -- wrecks Los Angeles. Watch as entire buildings crumble to the ground and general mayhem ensues:

And because we love a good, end-of-the-world action flick just as much as the next guy, we've highlighted all of the most insane OMFG moments, below. Let it be known that if the world was tumbling down right in front of our very eyes, we'd hope that our last vision would be of The Rock and his glorious biceps, too.

When The Rock busts open the helicopter doors.

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When Emma falls and we literally gasp.

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OMG please don't die.

When the sign falls and we suddenly realize how dire everything is.

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Nope. Not good.

When The Rock is like "Oh s--t."

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Seriously, though. S--t just got real.

When the entire building crumbles.

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Poor Emma looks so tiny.

And finally, when it all goes BOOM.

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We're predicting a 2016 MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Scared as Sh*t Performance.

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