Usher Made Your Dance Floor Dreams Come True And Reunited With Ludacris And Lil Jon

Because ‘Yeah!’ is FOREVER

Admit it: Some of your best middle school/high school/bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah/wedding reception/whatever memories were soundtracked by the unmistakeable growl of Lil Jon's "YAY-UH!" Usher, Ludacris, and the Atlanta rapper gave us "Yeah!" back in 2004, but the hit has lived on as a perennial fave and a tune no one turns the dial on when it pops up on the radio.

Thankfully, they didn't leave "Yeah!" in the dust, and instead dusted it off for Usher's iHeartRadio Fest set on September 24.

Lil Jon was present for a hefty chunk of Usher's festival-closing performance, but the set didn't spike adrenaline levels until the 24:00 mark. That's when Usher, Luda, and Lil Jon throw peace signs up for A-Town before diving into their high-energy collaboration, and they briefly mashed it up with Lil Jon's collab with DJ Snake, "Turn Down for What."

"Yeah!" isn't just a mid-aughts radio staple and that one you totally grinded to for the first time. "Yeah!" is forever, and Usher made a bunch of millennial wishes a reality by bringing that banger to Vegas.