Chain E-Mail Kicks New Kids Onto "Total Request"

The democratic and often cheeky spirit of the Internet flashed itself again this week as a number of users, spurred on by a grass roots e-mail campaign, vaulted an 11-year-old song from 80s heart-throbs New Kids On The Block into MTV's "Total Request Live" countdown.

As a result of a focussed e-mail campaign, a number of Netizens logged onto MTV's website on Wednesday to register write-in votes for "Hangin' Tough.

I know it's a very old very cheesy song, but just think of how funny that would be!!! To see an old New Kid's on the Block song on the top ten!!" one version of the chain e-mail read.

Apparently, plenty of folks agreed as the song (which topped the singles chart in 1989 but was released in 1988) will land at number two on the "TRL" countdown on Thursday.

One guy who might not be thrilled with the news is former New Kid Jordan Knight, who is currently forging a successful solo career of his own.

[article id="1446599"]"Hangin' Tough, I wouldn't go

near 'Hangin' Tough,'"[/article] Knight recently told MTV News when asked if the setlist for his upcoming tour might feature any vintage NKOTB nuggets. [article id="1446599"]"I wouldn't touch that one." [28.8 RealVideo][/article]

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