7 Bizarre Disney Channel Theories That’ll Hit You Right In The Childhood

Not even Raven Baxter saw these coming

There’s nothing like taking a really good show from your childhood and “ruining” it with a soul-crushing fan theory. Or at least making you rethink everything you thought you knew about your favorite show, like the main characters are actually imaginary, stupid characters are secretly wise beyond their years, or beloved characters have a sinister side that’s not Disney-rated.

Check out these game-changing, freaky fan theories about several classic Disney Channel series.

London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is a former Hogwarts student.


The Suite Life on Deck

Yes, ditzy London is believed to be a wizard from Harry Potter’s world. The theory developed during a Tumblr thread, stemming from a scene on The Suite Life on Deck where London freaks out about Voldemort’s name. As people expanded on the theory, London went from a squib with parents busy working at the Ministry of Magic to a Hogwarts graduate who’s trying to understand the Muggle world, à la Arthur Weasley.

Lizzie McGuire is schizophrenic and Miranda is a figment of her imagination.


Lizzie McGuire

This Lizzie McGuire theory comes from the mind of Reddit user theodore_boozevelt. Apparently, Lizzie’s animated alter ego is one of the many voices she hears in her head, and Miranda is the Paul Bettany to Lizzie’s Beautiful Mind Russell Crowe: She isn’t actually real.

This is further “proven” by Miranda’s blatant absence during The Lizzie McGuire Movie. “By the end of middle school, Lizzie has been taking her meds and Miranda is gone,” theodore_boozevelt wrote. Lizzie was getting better control over her schizophrenia. However, the trip to Rome backfired and she began to believe Paolo was actually speaking to her, hallucinating the entire International Music Video Awards experience.

The Proud Family’s company, Proud Snax, is actually a front for drug cartels.


The Proud Family

As we’ve previously discussed, Oscar Proud might be into some shady stuff. It’s a running joke on the show that Oscar Proud’s business is a total flop — yet his family lives in a nice house with nice things. How? The Boulevardez family become their neighbors. Reddit user digikun explains how Felix Boulevardez and Oscar launder their drug money through Proud Snax. They won’t get caught, however, because Felix’s wife, Sunset, is most likely a dirty cop in on the scam.

Miley’s blonde wig on Hannah Montana possesses supernatural, hypnotic powers.


Hannah Montana

This theory from TV Tropes is thin, but provides a reasonable explanation as to why no one figured out Hannah Montana was just Miley Stewart in a blonde wig. Seriously, it’s one item of clothing difference. C’mon, people.

Wizards of Waverly Place occurs in a world where Voldemort beat Harry Potter.


Wizards of Waverly Place

According to TV Tropes, the wizarding world in Alex Russo’s life contradicts the world Harry Potter and Hogwarts battled to save. Based on the episode “My Tutor, Tutor,” TV Tropes notes how “leprechauns are kept in cages to gawk at, elves get named based on what job they’re going to have, and tutors aren’t ever allowed to revisit the family they worked with again.” Yeesh, doesn’t sound very “we’re all equal” to me. Moreover, we learn on one episode that disobeying one of the 11 magic rules results in the council breaking your hands so you can’t hold a wand anymore. Um, harsh much?

Kim Possible was genetically engineered or altered.


KIm Possible

This Kim Possible theory, from Reddit user nachonaco, also has thin evidence, but we’ll allow it. Kim’s athletic ability is never actually explained; she’s always just been super fit. Nachonaco points out, “We never see her working out” or “doing anything remotely close to normal exercising,” so then how does she manage to stay in such good shape? Considering all the sci-fi elements on the show — such as Gil Moss turning into a mutant, or a liquid that temporarily turned Kim into a robot — this isn’t that big of a stretch, actually.

The Suite Life universe is part of the Illuminati.


The Suite Life

Some fans believe the word written on the chalkboard reads “Illuminati” instead of “illuminate,” because OK. The theory continues with The Suite Life on Deck, when Cody cites “666” while explaining to Zack the importance of the number 6.