Game Had A Close Encounter With Nicki Minaj's Ass And He's Happy To Tell The Story

Drake, you mad?

With reporting by Natasha Chandel

Game made an unexpected appearance as the leading man in Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions" video, and of course it was a pretty great experience for him personally.

When the video dropped, fans on Twitter quizzed Nicki about selecting Game as her love interest, but she didn't bother explaining too much. He gave us a little more detail, though.

"Nicki reached out and I just happened to be not that far from where she was shooting the video," Game told MTV News, bending over to show off the top of his head as he added, "So I came through and lent my muscles and my waves."

We were wondering if they'd formally met and kicked it before the video shoot, which led him to drop more than we'd technically asked for.

"That wasn't the first time I met Nicki, but that was the first time I was up on that ass though." Oh yeah? "That ass is soft. I just leaned up against it made my little soldier stand at attention."

That said, is there any chance they would be working together in the future? "You never know. Nicki is a good friend and a great person. The ass on that 'Anaconda' cover is crazy."

And although Game clearly didn't appear in the video, he did use it for other purposes. Hit the video above to find out. I'm not gonna write that down.

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