Baby Bombshell: Will Kayla's 'Young And Pregnant' News Derail Her Future With Luke?

The college basketball player has big plans, but change is in the air

The girls of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant are showcasing a whole new chapter on the series' brand-new season, and for Kayla, that means becoming a mother of two.

On the show's supersized premiere, we learned that since last season, Kayla’s mom Jaime cut off her daughter and kicked her out after she disobeyed her rules by letting Stephan into the house. As a result, Kayla and her son Izaiah moved in with Luke, her boyfriend of about six months. And oh yeah, Kayla also had to drop out of college because she had nobody to help her watch Izaiah.

And though things were going great on the relationship front, Kayla admitted that Luke spent a lot of time playing basketball, as he was a starting player on the team at his two-year college. In fact, Luke’s coach saw so much promise in him that he wanted him to potentially transfer to a four-year school.

“Indiana, Michigan -- I said the farthest that I could possibly go would be Alabama,” the Illinois-based Luke told his girlfriend.

Kayla told her man that she and the baby would likely go with him as long as they found a good place to live and that neither her mom nor her ex Stephan could prevent her from moving.

“I have full custody, so I don’t need his permission to move Zay out of state,” she said. “I’ll give him a heads up. I’m not going to not tell him where his son is, but I don’t think he’s going to care. We’re, like, right down the street [now], and he never comes anyway.”

But something else just might impede on their plans. Later, while Luke was at practice, Kayla took a pregnancy test since she wasn’t feeling well -- and learned she was pregnant again.

“I guess Mommy is going to have another baby, Zay,” she told her toddler.


Will Kayla’s pregnancy put the couple’s relocation plans on hold? And will the baby derail Luke’s basketball aspirations entirely? Tell us what you think, then keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Tuesdays at 9/8c after Teen Mom 2.