'Twelve' Stars 50 Cent, Chace Crawford Choose Their Favorite Movie Drug Dealers

'Gossip Girl' star cites 'True Romance' as one of his 'favorite movies of all time.'

In their new drama [movie id="444470"]"Twelve,"[/movie] out this weekend, [article id="1644657"]Chace Crawford and 50 Cent[/article] both play New York City drug dealers. The two [article id="1644836"]duo[/article] had plenty of inspiration to fuel their own work in the film.

Al Pacino's legendary performance as Tony Montana in "Scarface" was cited by several of the "Twelve" castmembers -- including Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Billy Magnussen -- as a favorite. But Rory Culkin called out his co-stars for making such an obvious choice. "Movie drug dealer? Everyone's gonna say 'Scarface!' " he said. " 'The Wackness's Josh Peck was a pretty badass little pot dealer. I dug it."

There was one other flick that came out on top. "One of my favorite movies of all time is 'True Romance,' " Chace Crawford said. "Brad Pitt obviously plays a hilarious character in that. He's funny. Gary Oldman is awesome. That's probably, as far as that goes, my favorite."

Like Crawford, director Joel Schumacher also named the 1993 Tony Scott film, which was written by Quentin Tarantino. "My favorite drug dealer in a movie would be Gary Oldman in 'True Romance.' The lovely red-headed woman [Zoë Lund] who shot Harvey Keitel up in 'Bad Lieutenant.' And there's one more ... Vincent D'Onofrio in 'The Salton Sea,' " he said.

Nico Tortorella added that it was a difficult toss-up between two legendary films. "Oh, favorite movie drug dealer of all time? Johnny Depp in 'Blow.' I mean, that's easy," he said, adding, "I don't know, Ray Liotta's 'Goodfellas' [character] is pretty up there too. I would say Ray Liotta."

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