'The Lifeguard' Trailer: Kristen Bell is 29, Not 30

Everyone deserves the occasion life mulligan here and there, but how much backpedaling can a girl really get away with before people start getting seriously peeved?

Kristen Bell's Leigh seems hellbent on finding out the answer in this trailer for her latest movie "The Lifeguard." The 29-year-old (to repeat, not yet 30) goes through some sticky relationship and career stuff up in New York, so instead of putting on her big girl panties and figuring it out up there in the Big Apple, she up and moves back into her old bedroom at her parents' house in Connecticut — citing the fact that it's the last place she was happy or some other immature nonsense — and reclaims her old post as a lifeguard at the local swimming hole.

Oh, and she starts robbin' the cradle with some teenaged townie. 'Cause that's not totally immoral or anything (read: it's pretty gross).

Luckily for her, it appears her people soon start giving her some serious guff about all the soul-searching and give her prompt instructions to please, for the love of adulthood lady, grow up with the quickness.

The indie drama is the directorial debut of Liz W. Garcia of "Dawson's Creek" and other TV merits and also stars Martin Starr, Mamie Gummer, Alex Schaffer, Amy Madigan and Joshua Harto.

"The Lifeguard" hits Video On Demand on July 30 and some theaters on Aug. 30.

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