Frank Ocean's Big Weekend: 'SNL' Debut And A Brand-New Video

Odd Future singer kept busy with John Mayer-assisted 'SNL' performance and video premiere for 'Channel Orange''s 'Pyramids.'

Frank Ocean had a pretty big weekend. The Odd Future singer/songwriter continued to make waves, beginning with his appearance with John Mayer on "Saturday Night Live" and wrapping up by releasing an eight-minute NSFW video for his single "Pyramids" on Sunday.

"Family Guy" creator and "Ted" director Seth MacFarlane introduced Frank to the "SNL" stage for the first time to perform "Thinkin Bout You" (the same track he sang at the [article id="1693361"]2012 MTV Video Music Awards[/article]). Seated on a stool with the lone spotlight on him and vintage arcade machines in the background, Ocean squeezed out his high-pitched falsetto singing: "Or do you not think so far ahead, 'cause I've been thinking about forever."

Behind him, his band began to build the instrumentation, and the rising stage lights revealed none other than John Mayer playing guitar to Frank's right. It wasn't until Ocean's second performance that Mayer got a solo in.

Frank returned to the stage rocking his patented red and white bandana and a black Supreme hockey jersey, this time singing "Pyramids." This time the OFWGKTA standout stood against a mic stand that housed two microphones, one for straight vocals and the other for an auto-tuned portion of the track. Ocean owned the stage with his vocals, instructing his lady friend to "Hit the strip, keep my bills paid," all while waving his "money dance."

The album version of "Pyramids" goes on for nearly 10 minutes, and even though Frank had to perform a truncated version for "SNL," the record still felt complete with a number of musical changes. Three minutes into the set, Ocean left the mic to go play Tekken (or some fighting game of the sort) as John Mayer strummed out an electric song-closing solo.

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