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Ashton Kutcher Says Valentine's Day Romance Should Start 'First Thing'

'Do not leave it hanging,' the 'Valentine's Day' star urges of the romantic holiday.

In the "Valentine's Day" trailers, Ashton Kutcher pops the question pretty early in the day to his onscreen love, Jessica Alba. And, in real life, he goes by a similar Valentine's Day mantra: You should always kick off the romance of the day ASAP.

"I'm generally a morning person myself," he told MTV News while promoting "Valentine's Day," opening Friday. "I actually think that Valentine's Day must start first thing in the morning. I really, really do believe the only way you're really going to catch somebody off-guard on Valentine's Day is when they're waking up."

Kutcher said starting the holiday early means everyone else is competing with you to top the romance. "By waiting till the end of the day, now you have to compete with what everyone else has done throughout the day," he said. "So if you hit it first thing in the morning, they're all competing with you and you set the bar. Do not leave it hanging. At least plant the seed."

Kutcher's co-star Jennifer Garner agreed that it's all about timing: "You don't want to leave someone hanging until after lunch for Valentine's Day."

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