'Wreck-It Ralph' Game Now Playable Online

Wreck-It Ralph

The first trailer for "Wreck-It Ralph" dropped last week, along with the jaws of every gamer who happened to see it. Disney's next animated movie has all the markings of a gamer's dream with a little bit of "Toy Story" and "Monsters, Inc." thrown in.

The story centers on Wreck-It Ralph, the villain from a classic arcade game called "Fix-It Felix Jr.," a fictional, Donkey Kong-like platformer.

As part of the marketing for "Wreck-It Ralph," you can now head over to the movie's official website to play an online version of the game. It's a fun, little distraction during the day and really helps build the world of the movie.

"Fix-It Felix Jr." is a relatively easy game to play. You control the title character, who "30 Rock"'s Jack McBrayer plays in the movie, and you attempt to undo the damage Wreck-It Ralph has done to an apartment building full of scared tenants. Like Donkey Kong, you'll have to avoid falling objects from above as you make your way to the top.

"Wreck-It Ralph" opens in theaters on November 2. This should keep you busy until then.

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