'It' Star Finn Wolfhard Would Rather Take On Voldemort Than Pennywise

'I would punch that dude in the face'

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with It's demonic clown Pennywise or Harry Potter's sworn enemy Lord Voldemort? It's not an easy choice. On one hand, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is evil incarnate, with razor-sharp teeth perfect for chewing on the limbs of small children, but on the other, Voldemort is a dark wizard with immense power. All it takes is a flick of the wand and you're Avada Kedavra'd for good.

Then again, if Voldemort never has a chance to reach for his wand, then you're good — and that's exactly the kind of plan Finn Wolfhard hatched up when MTV News asked him this very same question. "I would punch that dude in the face," Wolfhard said at the press day for It last month. It seems like a reasonable plan, especially when you consider how much the Dark Lord loves to pontificate during pivotal moments.

As for the other young stars of It, well, you're just going to have to watch the video below to see how they answered that question and more. For example, would you rather sit in Derry's own grey water or in a bathtub full of blood? (Um, that one might make more sense after you've seen the movie.) Anyway, here's a special It edition of Would You Rather?

It crawls into theaters today, September 8.

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