9 Myths To Ignore If You’re Dating A Mama’s Boy

It's (probably) time to get over these Freudian fears.

How a guy treats his mom is often viewed as an indicator of how he'll treat other women -- and yet, no girl wants to date a mama's boy. Unfortunately, the worst of the worst seem to give mama's boys a bad name.

Still, not every man who's close with his mother is the same, and their closeness is not always a bad thing. To honor Mother's Day, we're setting the record straight about some of moms' biggest fans.

He's a big baby


Some mama's boys might use their attachment as an excuse to never grow up -- but if his mother is as awesome as he says she is, then she probably wouldn't stand for that. Moms take their job very seriously, and that entails raising a man to completion. If he's throwing a fit, it's more likely his fault than hers.

He can't cook...


It's nice to have someone make dinner for you, and ideally, you'd trade evenings. But if he's acting helpless in the kitchen, he's likely testing boundaries to see how much you'll do for him. Men and women can both be guilty of doing this, regardless of how close they are with their parents. So the only assumption you should be making is that he was able to feed himself before he met you.

...or really do anything for himself


There are many mama's boys who learned how to do their own laundry and clean up after themselves, because their mothers didn't appreciate being treated like servants.

He's a pushover


Mama's boys get a reputation for being soft, despite the fact that loving and supportive parents often make for strong and confident offspring. Don't mistake his closeness with his mother for weakness everywhere else. For all you know, she taught him how to stand up for himself.

He tells his mom everything


The best way to cause a rift with your parents in adulthood is full disclosure. Most mama's boys figure out a way to give their mothers the best edited version of their lives, just like the the rest of us. If he's going to her with every detail about you and your relationship, that's probably more a symptom of having a big mouth.

He will always side with her over you


If you're getting into it with his mom to the point where he needs to pick a side, it's probably your fault. Sorry. There's no healthy reason to let her effect you or your relationship to such a degree. Unless you're married to him and have kids, it should never come to this. If it does, then you may be just as guilty of having bad boundaries as she is.

She will hate you...


Most moms simply want their kids to be happy, and realize that this happiness includes companionship. Scaring off potential suitors serves no one.

...and you will hate her


It's never healthy to assume you're in a feud with someone you haven't met yet, especially your boyfriend's mother. Being intimidated by meeting his parents is normal; feeling threatened by them is not, no matter how high of a pedestal he puts her on. Chances are you'll get along fine.

You'll never be his first priority


If he really cares about you, then he'll find time to make you feel special. In which case, maybe cut him some slack for calling his mom a little too often -- after all, she did bring him into this world.

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