Learn How To Shake It Off Like Taylor Swift In Just 12 GIFs

Moves like Taylor.

We've been a fan of Taylor Swift dancing like no one was watching for a while now, but on Monday, the 24-year-old musician finally brought her moves to the spotlight -- in the form of her video for new single "Shake It Off."

Via her Yahoo!-hosted live stream, Swift revealed not only the title of her upcoming record -- 1989, due out October 27 -- she also premiered the first single and its accompanying video. The clip is directed by Mark Romanek and features Taylor grooving with a myriad of dancers, all the while singing about shaking off the haters.

In introducing the vid, Tay joked (we think), "All I think about are metaphors and cats," before explaining that she and Romanek chose this creative direction because "you can tell who someone is by the way they dance."

That you can, Taylor. For example, we can tell you're a free spirit, swaddled in rainbows, just itching to feel the sun break across your beaming face. And, dear Tay, we want to dance just like you, which is why we've deconstructed your moves below so that any and all hoofers can bust out your soul-soothing moves.

1.) Get into the right headspace

In order to truly let go like Taylor, one must get into the appropriate frame of mind. Here, we imagine Tay dreaming of sundresses, galloping unicorns and falling, giggling, into a sea of kittens that have forgotten that they have claws.

2.) Commit to those hand gestures

... and you, too, will get the nodding approval of that dude in the back.

3.) Learn from others

Not only is Taylor contributing to the overall aesthetic here -- making new shapes! adding contrasting movement! -- she's also, obviously, deconstructing the twerk via observation. Watch and learn, lady.

4.) Always be ready to IMPROVISE

A fall is just a Vogue if you pull the right face.

5.) Don't be afraid to collaborate

A friend is just another limb you can shake that's not attached to your body. Or something.

6.) Props can really add to a performance

Here, Taylor is obviously acting out a child's journey from the womb to the dancefloor.

7.) Use your WHOLE body

Finger tut it up -- just like Tay!

8.) Dress for the dance you want to do

Dancing is 99 percent inspiration and also 99 percent perspiration -- when you're wearing a gold suit.

9.) Be loud and proud about your dance moves


10.) And, finally -- the most important lesson of all...

...If someone says you suck...

Shake it off

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