Tool Tinker With Album Title, Set Track List

Band abandons Systema Encéphale for Lateralus as name of third LP, due April 17.

Tool have once again retooled the title of their next album.

Abandoning the previously confirmed title Systema Encéphale (see [article id="1438047"]"New Tool Album Expected In April"[/article]), the art-metal group has selected Lateralus as the name of their third LP, according to spokesperson Victoria Blake at Tool management.

The first studio album from the band since 1996's Aenima is still scheduled for release on April 17, which happens to be frontman Maynard James Keenan's birthday.

Produced by David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), the 13-track album features the kind of song titles Tool fans have come to expect — "Eon Blue Apocalypse," "Triad" and "Faaip De Oiad" among them.

While Keenan was preparing for a second headlining tour with his other band, A Perfect Circle, late last year, the Tool CD/DVD box set, Salival, was released (see [article id="1434913"]"Tool Lines Up CD/DVD Box Set"[/article]). The collection features live and previously unreleased studio tracks from the band's 10-year career.

The complete track listing for Lateralus:

  • "The Grudge"
  • "Eon Blue Apocalypse"
  • "The Patient"
  • "Mantra"
  • "Schism"
  • "Parabol"
  • "Parabola"
  • "Ticks & Leeches"
  • "Lateralus"
  • "Disposition"
  • "Reflection"
  • "Triad"
  • "Faaip De Oiad"