Kesha, Lena Dunham, And More Support Taylor Swift's Stand Against Sexual Harassment

Her court comments make waves on social media

UPDATE (8/14/17, 10:42 a.m. ET): Kesha has shared her support by tweeting about Taylor Swift's "strength and fearlessness." Kesha's words are particularly powerful, as she is also involved in a tumultuous legal battle — which includes allegations of rape and emotional abuse — against producer Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald. "Truth is always the answer," she tweeted Monday morning (August 14).


On August 10, Taylor Swift walked into a courtroom and let a lawyer, his client, and the entire world know that she will absolutely not stand for anything other than the truth when someone makes a point to "grab [her] bare ass" without her permission.

Swift is in Denver to testify in a suit brought about by David Mueller, a former radio host who sued Swift in 2015, alleging that she falsely claimed he reached up her skirt and touched her inappropriately during a photo call. He says that her accusations impacted his career in a negative way; she says that he should be held responsible for his actions, and told his lawyer, "I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel like this was my fault, because it isn't." (She counter-sued and accused him of assault and battery.)

Shortly following her deposition, the internet reacted to her (frankly, badass) replies to Mueller's lawyer, and how firmly she stood her ground on the stand. Her friends were some of the first to show support, as Lena Dunham — a longtime pal of Swift's, who's also dating Jack Antonoff, one of Swift's favorite collaborators — tweeted that she was proud of her for telling the courtroom what's what.

Nelly Furtado chimed in, too, as she definitely knows from experience how artists can be taken advantage of in the music industry, and how they're subjected to unsavory situations much like the one Swift described in court.

Jaime King — who's been a member of Swift's squad since Swift's squad became a thing — is here for her bud.

George Takei was impressed with Swift's steadfast testimony, too.

The verdict: Swift's fans, friends, and family are more than ready to lend her support when she needs them.

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