Eric Bana Boldly Goes On About New 'Star Trek'

"[But] it's a good cameo!" the "Hulk" star enthused, a wide grin across his face.

Cameo or not, Bana knows a lot rests on his Romulan shoulders, especially given that the "Trek" movies have always been defined in large part by the success (or failure) of their villains. Nero's quest may take him to the city on the edge of forever, but viewers won't have to go that far back to find iconic bad guys like the Borg or Khan for comparison.

It's an assessment Bana can't help but make himself, the actor admitted to MTV News.

"To a degree you can't help yourself," he said. "Every script I've done I've treated the script like the Bible. That's the word. That's the starting point — but then you [always] go from there."

But while Bana might make the comparison, should you find yourself doing the same thing ... well, then he's already won you over.

"I'm a bit of a Trek fan. I wouldn't say I was a huge Trekkie when I was a kid, but I've enjoyed them over the years," Bana said of his knowledge of the most epic canon villains. "[But] I think that if I get compared to any of them [by the fans], I'll be doing well."

Surprisingly, Bana still has time to think it over, revealing to MTV that he hasn't even started filming yet.

"I have the plum gig coming up at the very end [of the shoot]," he smiled.

Which gives us plenty of time to offer advice. What would you say Bana should keep in mind on the eve of the "Star Trek" shooting? Sound off below.

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