Kendall Jenner Cut Her Hair And Now She’s Getting Mistaken For Kylie

We’ve all been there

At last night's La Perla show, Kendall Jenner debuted her shortest haircut ever: a shoulder-length bob. But even though it's not that dramatic of a change, it's allowing her to slip by unnoticed by the paparazzi. Kind of.

"The day after I got the cut, I went to breakfast at Nate N' Al," she explains on her app. "For once, I wasn't being followed by the paparazzi but, of course, as I'm walking up to the restaurant a lone pap was just chilling at the meter and got me. On my way out he snapped some more pics and then said, 'Thanks Kylie!' I think the combination of my new super short hair and my outfit—leggings and a Champion sweater—caused the mix-up. So funny, though."

The mixup isn't that surprising given that Kendall and Kylie have been known to dress alike in the past. That and, um, they're sisters. However, this proves you can never underestimate the power of a haircut.

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