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9 Depressing Things You'll Definitely See At Comic-Con

Besides the Hall H line, because you brought that on yourself.

San Diego Comic-Con is, by and large, a happy time of the year: All of your favorite stars are together in one (very small) place, major TV and movie news is announced, geeks and nerds from all around the world get to hang out, and sometimes there are even comics there! It's a lovely celebration of culture, and we are 100 percent on board.

Still, of course, every silver lining has its cloud, and you'll definitely see these nine very sad things if you go to Comic-Con this year. Sigh.

1. Sad Batman

Yep, count on the 2014 "Batfleck"-inspired meme to inspire a Cosplayer or two.

2. Kids Whose Parents Couldn't Find A Sitter

If there's one thing kids universally love, it's standing in line for things like panels and comic book autographs for their parents. (But, you know, they're also pretty adorable...)

3. A Guy Passing Out Flyers Outside Of Hall H

Or indie fan event, band concert, charity -- either way, count on loads of folks using the Hall H line as an opportunity for self-promotion. So many unread flyers blowing in the wind... so many dead trees...

4. Someone Begging A Hall H-Goer For One Of Those Bathroom Passes.

Nope, sorry -- you're not getting into this "Walking Dead" panel, bud. That 10 hour wait time just wasn't enough.

5. A Dude Having No Luck On Tinder

With all the parties and the similar interests and the scantily clad ladies (and dudes!), SDCC has been a bastion for illicit nerd hookups since the dawn of time. But SOME poor guys just have none of the luck, swipe right after swipe right after swipe right...

6. A Fan Who Just Found Out There Was No "Mockingjay" Panel

Alas -- while there's plenty of cool "Hunger Games" related merch to be found at the Con, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and the rest of the "Mockingay" gang will not be attending the Lionsgate panel.

7. The Person Next In Line For An Autograph When The Line Closes

"Sorry, sir, that'll be all for Mr. Cumberbatch today. His beautiful lizard hands are tired."

8. Your Phone

If you like things like Wi-Fi and basic service, your phone is going to be super depressing during Comic-Con.

9. Someone trying really hard to get into an exclusive party.

No press badge? No status as member of Tyler Posey's entourage? Well sorry, you can wait outside.

But Really... Pics Of Your Friends At Home, Who Didn't Get To Go To Comic-Con.

Hehe, no matter how sad the above nine Con-staples are, at least you get to go! Enjoy it, weenie!

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