Jennifer Lopez Says 'Back-up Plan' Was Great Gig For A New Mom

'When you have a baby, it's almost like every kid in the world becomes your kid,' Lopez explains.

LAS VEGAS -- When it comes to backup plans, few have engineered a better one than [movieperson id="125307"]Jennifer Lopez[/movieperson] has over the past decade. In case that whole acting thing didn't work out, she launched a [article id="1635216"]career as a singer[/article]. If the singing thing didn't go over as planned, her day job as a movie star certainly didn't pay badly. And then when both took off, well, let's just say there wasn't much need for further planning.

Then for a few years, those successes stepped aside for baby-making and enjoying a lower profile with husband Marc Anthony. Lucky for her fans, making movies like "The Back-up Plan" fits in nicely with her new life.

"A good romantic comedy has to make you laugh, but it also has to make you tear up a little too," explained Lopez, one of the queens of the medium after appearing in "Maid in Manhattan," "Monster-in-Law" and "The Wedding Planner." "If you can go on that journey -- and get people to go on that journey with you -- it's usually a good one.

"I've seen ['The Back-up Plan'], and it really does make you laugh and you get that tear," J. Lo promised of her new film. "You really do go on the whole thing, the ride with these people."

Since the film is about a woman who conceives twins through artificial insemination and then meets the man of her dreams that very same day, the script spoke to the mother of twins as few do.

"When you have a baby, it's almost like every kid in the world becomes your kid," Lopez explained of her mind-set these days. "You understand what it is to care for a child and love a child so deeply.

"So yeah, it was great to do this movie right after having the experience of being pregnant and having kids," she continued, "because the movie is so much about that obstacle of the fact that she gets pregnant."

But if you aren't in that group of new parents who know what it's like, Lopez said you shouldn't worry, because the laughs in the film are open to all.

"I have several favorite scenes, but I think the scene that people are really going to remember is probably the pool scene," she teased. "I won't tell you what it's about, because you just need to experience it. But it's funny."

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