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'Supernatural': Prepare For A Side Of Crowley You've Never Seen Before

The King of Hell played the doting uncle on tonight's episode.

Last week's "Supernatural" episode "Form and Void" introduced who the Darkness really is, and she can't even vote yet. Baby Amara from the Season 11 opening episode bears the Mark of Cain underneath her right shoulder, and she is wreaking all kinds of havoc for the Winchesters. She possesses Officer Jenna Nickerson (Laci J. Mailey) and gets Jenna to kill her own grandmother (Christine Willes). Crowley (Mark Sheppard) kills Jenna soon after.

Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) finds out his on-again/off-again secret ~love~ Hannah set him up to be kidnapped and tortured for information about Metatron's (Curtis Armstrong) whereabouts, as well as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) location. After realizing she was acting like a No. 1 Bitch, Hannah defends Castiel from rogue angels. Unfortunately, she's killed in the scuffle. The episode ends with Crowley kidnapping a family and presenting them to Amara, who grins sinisterly. Yep, those poor people are so goners.

Fun fact about this episode: Jensen Ackles directed it. According to IMDb, this is Ackles' fifth "Supernatural" episode to direct, so you know it's an extra special one. Check out our seven biggest moments from "The Bad Seed."

Katie Yu / The CW


Rowena's rude awakening

Diyah Pera / The CW


As Rowena (Ruth Connell) tries to recruit witches for her own "Mega Coven," she proudly tells them she killed the King of Hell, her own child. Unfortunately for Rowena, she actually didn't. Womp womp. The other witches point this out, rather cattily, might I add, and then Rowena destroys them. 'Atta girl.

Soon after, Rowena again attempts recruiting two other witches, but they aren't interested in joining — until Rowena tells them she has the Book of the Damned. As a demon attacks the women, Rowena manages to get away unharmed.

Uncle Crowley

Katie Yu / The CW


Once Crowley learns his mother Rowena is alive, he orders his men to hunt her down and kill her. He then asks Amara's nanny (Tasya Teles) how Amara's studies are going, to which she replies they're going quite well, since, you know, she was just a baby a few days ago.

Crowley saunters over to Amara, who's busy studying up on how to be evil, no doubt. She was watching Hitler's speeches, after all. She admits she's scared of God, who tricked her and locked her away. Crowley says he will protect her from Him, and wants her to call him "Uncle Crowley." *Shudders*

Later, Crowley plays the doting uncle, giving Amara a (slightly bloodied) pink dress and a pop-up book about bunnies. Yes, really. This is definitely a side of Crowley we haven't seen before. After claiming she's hungry, Amara sucks the soul out of her nanny, with no remorse whatsoever. Seriously, the girl is twisted. She makes the "Children of the Corn" kids look like angels.

Game plan

Sam, Dean and Castiel try to figure out how to handle the whole Amara situation, as well as what Crowley's end game plans are. As they're in the middle of talking, Castiel suffers a seizure, brought on by Rowena's curse from the Season 10 finale. Once he stops seizing, he tells the Winchesters he's hearing angel voices in his head, and apparently the "God Squad" is working extra hard to find Metatron.

Amara, asking the real questions

Katie Yu / The CW


Amara asks Crowley why anyone would want to live in a world where they suffer and then die. Crowley tells her the world would be better if everyone was evil, even though it wouldn't be much of a challenge. Amara announces she's hungry, so Crowley snaps his fingers and an unlucky soul (pun intended) is brought before Amara, who presumably steals his soul.

Dean and his snappy clothes

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One of the two witches who does survive the attack meant for Rowena speaks to Sam and Dean, who are posing as FBI agents. They totally call her out for being a witch, demanding to know where Rowena is since it's her they want. The young witch uses some kind of magic mirror to locate Rowena.

Later, Sam and Dean kidnap Rowena. (It should be noted that Dean wears a type of Hawaiian shirt while kidnapping her – I feel like that moment deserves applause.) They imprison her in their safe house, demanding she remove the curse from Castiel AND give them back the Book of the Damned. Obviously, this doesn't sit well with her. Sam notices Castiel isn't in the house anymore, and he doesn't know where he's gone.

Piling into Baby, Sam, Dean and Rowena go and search for Castiel; Rowena against her will, of course. Crowley's mom tells Dean about her and Sam's deal: Rowena gets rid of the Mark of Cain on Dean's arm and Sam kills Crowley. Well, the Mark is gone and Crowley is still alive. Quickly changing the subject, Sam points out Castiel is nearby, according to his phone's GPS.

Evil Castiel

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The Angel of our Lord travels the dark and gloomy streets, soon finding a girl (Masae Day) walking alone. He chases after her as she runs away in terror, but he catches her and starts to choke her to death. (Cas, STOP!) Dean gets there in time and saves the girl, but Castiel soon goes after him, the curse clearly surging through his body.

Luckily, Sam forces Rowena to reverse the spell and Castiel is cured. Of course, don't celebrate just yet — why would anyone on this show ever get a break for once? Rowena manages to escape her captors, causing Dean to give one of his signature pouty faces.

Back at the safe house, Castiel apologizes for hurting Dean. The elder Winchester makes like Taylor Swift and shakes it off, telling Castiel he was under a curse, so it wasn't his fault.

Amara, little girl no more

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At the end of the episode, Crowley learns Amara has stolen the soul of her second nanny (Sergio Osuna) and has transformed into a teenager. She tells Crowley she's hungry, and when he replies he wants to talk first, her eyes go dark. Standing her ground, Amara looks her "uncle" dead in the eye and states, "I said I'm hungry."

Oh goodie, now Uncle Crowley gets to deal with the joys of raising a teenager. A moment of silence for Crowley's sanity, please.