Taio Cruz Teases 'Higher' Video With Kylie Minogue

'Fast cars, hot girls -- it's a Taio Cruz video,' he jokes to MTV News about upcoming clip.

[artist id="2453256"]Taio Cruz[/artist]'s latest single, "Higher," features pop sensation [artist id="12561"]Kylie Minogue[/artist], but it wasn't planned that way. The track appears on the international version of his club-banging Rokstarr album, and when MTV News caught up with Cruz, he spoke to us about how the song came about.

"Well I actually wrote -- as a lot of the songs that I write for other people end up being on my album -- I wrote 'Higher' for [Minogue] and she, I think, she had another song on the album called 'Higher' or some other reason why it didn't go onto her record," the [article id="1644119"]"Dynamite"[/article] singer explained on Wednesday at the opening of the Kenneth Cole Boutique at Santa Monica Place.

Of course, that left the song available for Cruz to claim and he decided to bring Kylie along for the ride. "But as things turn out, she's here now on 'Higher' as a duet and it's amazing," he added. "She's such a sweetheart and an amazing professional. She's just incredible."

The duo also recently wrapped up production on a video for the track. And while Cruz wouldn't say too much about what fans could expect, he teased that it would have "fast cars, hot girls -- it's a Taio Cruz video," he joked. "We just shot the video in London, and I just saw a bit of it just now. I'm excited. You guys are going to enjoy that."

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