Which 'Hunger Games' Scene Cut Jennifer Lawrence The Deepest?

Today in news that will surprise absolutely no one who has read "The Hunger Games" (but which will be a bit of a spoiler if you haven't, so maybe skip the next section if you'd rather your brain stay unsullied by advance knowledge of the movie): Jennifer Lawrence said that of all the scenes in the film's final cut, there was one that's an absolute killer.


"Rue's death," she said, when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked whether there was any one part of the movie that was difficult to watch. "That's just a horrible scene."

Ugh, we know, right?! Seriously, BAWLING. And that was just while reading it; when the time comes to actually see it happening, everyone's gonna take an emotional throat-punch of epic proportions. And P.S., people who haven't read "The Hunger Games" yet and can't read this because they don't want to know crucial plot points in advance are big fat losers and they smell like a dirty foot.


Oh, hey! Welcome back, people who haven't read "The Hunger Games"! (Oh, no, you didn't miss anything much. Hee. HEE HEE HEE.) And don't worry if you skipped the preceding paragraph, because Jennifer did add that there's another emotionally poignant (and non-plot-ruining) example of a scene that kicked her right in the feelings:

"Josh has this amazing scene the night before the games, and he has this really great monologue. That was really good."

Of course, Jennifer has an extra challenge to tackle when it comes to these super-emotional scenes: to make it feel real to us, she's got to cry on cue--not an easy task even for the most experienced actor. Can she cry on command?

Jennifer explained, "I can definitely start--[insert ugly-face heaving and sobbing]--and water comes, sometimes." But, she added, she's not against getting a little extra help from tear-stimulating menthol or other industry tricks. "I don't have anything in my life that can instantly make me cry. It's mostly just the standard, hold your eyes open, fake your way through it."

And in the meantime, there's definitely no crying when we asked whether there were any scenes she loved that didn't make it into the finished film...

"That breakdance fight between me and Josh," she said. "That didn't make it."

...except for the part where we're crying because we want to see the breakdance fight. Not fair!

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