This Woman Will Get A Tattoo Of Your Name (Or 'Penis Butt') For $10

...or any other message you want, as long as it's not 'downright hate.'

UPDATE (1/17/15, 10:35 a.m. ET): Kickstarter’s Trust & Safety team has suspended this campaign for violating the site's rules. We're not sure what rules specifically, but maybe they took offense to the offer of "Penis Butt" tattoos.

For $10, you could buy a burrito for lunch -- a burrito that will never be remembered by anyone, yourself included -- or you could have your name immortalized on the skin of a complete stranger. That's Illma Gore, and she wants to be a "singular tattoo." The thing is, it will cost about $6,000 to cover her entire body with ink, so she has started a Kickstarter campaign.

"Help me cover my body in tattoos before I'm sick and old," she pleads.


The main incentive for contributors is the gift of having your name tattooed onto her body. Well, she clarifies that it doesn't actually have to be your name, or even a name, but "any one to two words you want."

This leaves her open to all kinds of trolling, of course. And she's fine with that! "There is something beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers' names draped over my pale goth skin," Gore writes, "even if half of them are 'Penis Butt.'" It's one thing to leave yourself in online pranksters' hands, but to give them a starting point? That's a power move.

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Contribute $10, and she'll get your name/word combo tattooed on her leg. Pledge $50, and you get your name, your friend's name, and a sketch of what you would look like if you were made of ham (sure!). For $1,000, you get all of that, plus you can design her right thigh tat.

The Kickstarter closes on Feb. 8, and at the time of this writing, Gore has only raised $165. Get to brainstorming so you can help her achieve this noble feat.

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