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Emma Watson Studied Beyonce's Dance Moves For 'The Bling Ring'

MTV Movie Awards nominee tells MTV News that it's 'obvious' her dance is based on the Queen Bey's.

If you're wondering who Emma Watson might be channeling in her forthcoming movie "The Bling Ring" other than the real-life Hollywood thief on which her character is based, the answer is ... Beyoncé. The actress opened up about creating her smooth moves in the Sofia Coppola-directed flick after studying Queen Bey's.

"Come on, it's obvious it's like the Beyoncé [move]," she told MTV News during Friday night's Sneak Peek Week screening about her arm roll/ shoulder shimmy/ hair flip moves in the flick, which make an appearance in the trailer. "I feel like that's a famous thing, no?"

What's perhaps becoming equally famous is the clip of Watson getting her groove on, much to her surprise. Co-star Israel Broussard shared, "I've seen 10-minute videos of this clip on YouTube."

"They have just this [a GIF of Watson's move] over and over. Someone sent it to me and I was like, 'Thank you. I appreciate it,' " Katie Chang added.

Well, if fans went crazy over those dance moves, we expect her [article id="1705584"]pole-dancing scene[/article], which we premiered in an [article id="1705579"]exclusive clip[/article] on Friday, will also soon go viral.

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"You have to be very physically strong to hold your own body weight, and I really didn't have that core strength initially, so that was pretty intimidating," Watson explained about getting her "showgirl" on in the flick. "And also, I'm just a really awkward sexy person, so basically the scene turned into me just messing around because I think Sofia thought, 'We need to give her a break.' "

Before memes of her pole dancing begin to populate the Internet, Watson will be at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night (April 13) representing for her nominated flick, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." She'll also accept the prize for [article id="1704342"]MTV Trailblazer[/article] 2013.

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