J.K. Rowling Just Revealed The Most Famous Wizard Ever Was A Slytherin

Voldemort and Merlin have a lot in common.

Even if you've never laid eyes on a "Harry Potter" book or movie, you've certainly heard of Merlin. You know, the most famous wizard ever?

And, let's be real, even if you've never laid eyes on a "Harry Potter" book or movie, you've certainly heard of Slytherin as well. It's okay, you don't have to pretend. You're among friends here. Shhh.

With these two things in mind, let's talk about the truth bomb J.K. Rowling dropped this morning on Pottermore: Merlin was a Slytherin.

It turns out that the final two days of Rowling's pre-Christmas "Potter" rampage were Slytherin related. There was yesterday's massive Draco Malfoy info-dump, and then today's quieter revelation buried in some background info about the Order of Merlin award.

In the Pottermore scene of Albus Dumbledore's funeral, clicking a certain attendee brings up new exclusive writing from Rowling, detailing the award that Dumbledore was the recipient of. It would be easy to miss this tidbit about the green ribbon that the First Class medal hangs from.

"The Order of Merlin, commemorating the most famous wizard of his time, has been given since the fifteenth century. Legend says that the green ribbon, on which the First Class Order hangs, is to reflect Merlin's Hogwarts house."


If you were curious, the Second Class Order hangs from a purple ribbon (Hogwarts' school color) and the Third is on a white ribbon (can't be bothered to pick an actual color for lowly Third Class Order recipients).

So, Gryffindors, you're not the only ones with a cool sword associated with your history. Excalibur, much?

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