Anna Kendrick Live-Tweeted Cleaning Out Her Closet And Of Course It Was Hilarious

Join Anna as she ponders the age-old question: Why do girls own so many bras???

As we’re all aware, Anna Kendrick is THE REALEST on Twitter, constantly doling out nuggets of insight that speak to our souls. For instance:


On Friday (Aug. 28), the actress continued her penchant for 140-character hilarity when she decided to live-tweet the arduous chore of cleaning out her house. Yep, you read that right: even A-listers like Anna are occasional hoarders who stuff their closets with random s—t, forcing them to dedicate a whole day to damage control. Stars: they’re just like us!

Like any normal person, Anna naturally came across piles of junk that made her question her various, hilarious life choices. Here’s how she fared on her very own — and very productive! — #OrganizingDay:

It all started with a simple question about the quality of hangers.

This is something that’s obviously important to consider while sorting through your clothes. You don’t want to be the nerd with things falling off your hangers, amirite?! And for the record, Anna, we totally think you can pull some leverage with H&M — something tells us they’ll be happy to hook you up with extra hangs.

Then she spoke for every woman ever when she questioned her bra collection.

Bookmark this tweet for the next time Victoria’s Secret has a semi-annual sale and you debate about going ham on some “brassieres” (very classy word, BTW).

Anna’s just trying to live her best life. And she’s doing that in a blue wig.

We all have those random, bizarre things in our closet that we picked up at one crazy time for whatever crazy reason. Anna’s is a blue pixie-cut wig. Don’t question it.

She paused for a sec to tell us her #OrganizationDay soundtrack is Pentatonix.

Yep, as in the YouTube-famous a cappella group Pentatonix. Hmm… sounds like someone may be preparing for “Pitch Perfect 3?!”

And when someone tried to inquire how she’s tweeting and organizing at the same time…


She then tackled the age-old nemesis for women everywhere: BOBBY F—KIN’ PINS.

Did you ever hear of the urban legend that the average woman loses approximately 4,392 bobby pins per year? Well, it’s true. And Anna’s clearly fallen victim to those little wiry hellions as well.

And lastly, she apparently had a little fun with an old stash of makeup.

To which we say: PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, ANNA.

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