The RidicuList: Life Lessons On Screamin' Demons, DIY Spring Breakin' And Fearless Falling

Rob Dyrdek has taught us so many things over the years, from what it means to love a Big man to how the awesomeness of being a kid can live on within a "Fantasy Factory." However, when it comes to cautionary tales, there is no finer teaching tool than Rob's crowning glory: the ode to accidents we call "Ridiculousness." Each week, we'll pass along the three most valuable life lessons handed down by Rob and his crew in order to keep you safe, sound and off of this show.

On last night's episode, Carmen Electra shared some tips with the "Ridiculousness" gang on how to avoid poor choices. Marrying Dennis Rodman wasn't included, but we're pretty sure she'd rank it somewhere in between these fine gems...

Life Lesson #1: Never let out a whimper where there's room for a scream.

Screaming is one of our most primal instincts. We do it when we're born, we do it when we're getting busy, we do it...just because. Whether your trigger is a particularly alarming YouTube video, a fall off a swing or just a stack of wood that can't be hacked by a samurai sword, make sure you give it your wildest yell. It may not help you accomplish anything, but it always feels good. Just ask Andrew W.K. -- he's made a whole career of it!

Life Lesson #2: If you can't go to Spring Break, make Spring Break come to you. 

So your rent is late, you've got a quarter tank of gas and you just sold most of your blood to feed your dog. Who says that means you can't still have an awesome Spring Break? While $20 and a pint of plasma may not get you a ticket to Cancun, make the most of your "Spring Broke" status and jury-rig some fun in the sun by pretending your driveway is the beach. Of course, homemade hang gliding, back alley water slides or twerkin' in a Rubbermaid usually lead to more cringe-worthy than Instagram-worthy moments, but it's better than robbing a restaurant with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Well, maybe.

Life Lesson #3: Falling is an art form. 

Most of us spend the better part of our lives trying to stay upright. Sure, as toddlers we were all used to falling on our asses, but a nasty spill later in life can have disastrous results -- particularly when some chump is videotaping it. Whether you're a runway model about to eat it in 8-inch heels or an idiot trying to jump over a moving car, it's every man for himself. So remember to act cool, laugh it off and make like Wu-Tang and "Protect Ya Neck."

+ What other life lessons did you learn from last night's episode? Let us know in the comments!

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