Here's Why 'Shake It Off' Just Became Taylor Swift's Second Ever No. 1 Song

Taylor's new pop empowerment anthems are taking her straight to the top.

Taylor Swift thrilled Swifties a few weeks ago when she revealed all the info about her brand new album 1989 in a Yahoo livestream, and proceeded to share the record's first single "Shake It Off," along with the video for the track.

In the livestream, she explained that 1989 will be her first proper pop album—effectively stating that she's leaving her country roots behind. And apparently, that's just what her fans wanted, because "Shake It Off" officially just hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts!


Surely, this success is partially due to her stellar performance of the song at theVMAs in an old-fashioned, sparkly bralet and shorts two-piece—Tay Tay was definitely into a pants-free for the whole awards show.

The success of "Shake It Off" is a big deal, because it's only Taylor's second ever No. 1 track—the other being "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"—and taken together the songs reveal that big, danceable songs are just what she needs to stay on top. Despite her past success in country, 2012's Red was Taylor's first step out of the Nashville fold, and 1989 will see her shimmying her way into a full-fledged pop star.


But these two songs share another feature in common—they're both anthems that empower girls—whether it's by ditching toxic relationships or ignoring haters, the positive, independent message they send is clear. There will be no more teardrops on Taylor's guitar, and possibly, no more guitars at all.

Swift has always been a record-breaker sales-wise and she's followed up the massive success of Red with another big win: "Shake It Off" had 544,000 first-week downloads sold. That's the most of this entire year and the fourth highest of all time!

It's only gonna get bigger from here. Watch the full official music video for "Shake It Off" here, or check out some hilarious outtakes from the cheerleading portion of the video below.

In the above clip, Taylor also gives advice on marching to the beat of your on drum—something Swifties already love her for.


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