Will Ferrell Singing The 'Star Trek' Theme Is A Thing Of Haunting Beauty: Watch

Someone make this man a member of Captain Kirk's crew, stat!

Is there room for another villain in "Star Trek 3," besides Idris Elba? Because as fantastic as Elba is, it really seems like we're missing an opportunity by not bringing in Will Ferrell to terrorize the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

How would Ferrell destroy Captain Kirk and friends? Why, it's simple: He would use their own theme music against them. Ferrell stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden last night to promote his new movie, "Get Hard," and revealed why he doesn't do much stand-up comedy. It's because every time he takes the stage, he just ends up revealing that he's secretly a siren who can make your brain ooze out of your ears by singing the "Star Trek" theme with eerily freaky falsetto.

Watch and experience the horror for yourself:

Ferrell's rendition of the classic "Trek" theme is so spot-on that even his co-star Kevin Hart couldn't handle hearing it for too long. The sign of a beautiful melody, or a haunting way of crushing your enemies? If only we could find out in "Star Trek 3."

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