Remember That Time 'Hunger Games' President Snow and Johanna Mason Played Father and Daughter?

May your family be ever in your favor.

These days, Donald Sutherland and Jena Malone  — aka President Snow and Johanna Mason of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1” fame — play mortal enemies, but that hasn't always been the case. Can you believe that, 10 years ago, these two thespians were playing (mostly) loving father and daughter in 2005's "Pride and Prejudice"? Check it out...

good heavens

Let us slow that down for you...


Guys, their characters got along so much better in "Pride and Prejudice." Sure, Lydia was definitely not Mr. Bennet's favorite daughter, but he was mostly not trying to brainwash-torture her into parroting regime propaganda.


In "Pride and Prejudice," Donald plays kindly, albeit slightly uninvolved patriarch Mr. Bennet. (For the record, in both films, his brow game is out-of-control. Those brows do not care what film they're in, they are playing THEMSELVES.) When Mr. Bennet is having a very good day, he expresses his affection for others like so...


In "The Hunger Games," Donald plays narcissistic tyrant Coriolanus Snow. When President Snow is having a very good day, he expresses his affection for others like so...

i like you

Elsewhere, we have been hanging with Jena Malone since she was a kid/adolescent in classics like "Stepmom" and "Donnie Darko." Point is: she's churned out some pretty memorable performances over the years.


In "Pride and Prejudice," Jena plays youngest Bennet sibling Lydia — the most spoiled, air-headed, and single-mindedly boy-crazy of the sisters. (Sorry, Lyd!) Here's where Lydia's head is at for most of the movie...


In "The Hunger Games" series, Jena breaks hearts and necks as opinionated victor Johanna Mason. While Lydia's biggest goal for much of "Pride and Prejudice" is finding a handsome soldier to run away with, Johanna has bigger fish to fry...

kill me again

Yep, she's talking to dear old dad there. We're just going to leave this final photo here...

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