Lenny Kravitz Hints At Collaboration With Drake, Swizz Beatz

'It's great to meet people that I want to collaborate with at this point,' the rocker tells MTV News.

Rocker [artist id="901"]Lenny Kravitz[/artist] keeps his hip-hop collaborations few and far between. But when a photo of Kravitz, Drake and Swizz Beatz together in a studio hit the Internet, speculation was set off that the trio was cooking up a hi-wattage musical union. MTV News caught up with Kravitz prior to his performance before tip-off at the NBA All-Star Game and asked what exactly was in the works.

"That's some secret business, man," Kravitz told MTV News slyly. "Who knows what was going on that night?!"

Nevertheless, Kravitz revealed some more details when asked for his thoughts on Toronto rapper Drake.

"I think he's a very talented individual," Kravitz said of the child-actor-turned-rapper. "His new music is even more incredible. We got together and played around so there might be a little something happening, yeah ..."

When asked about producer Swizz Beatz, Kravitz gave up even more intel.

"He is an amazing person," Kravitz said of Swizz. "I got to know him through Alicia [Keys, who is Beatz's wife]. And we've become very good friends. He's a gentleman. He's a very intelligent person and I enjoy his company. When things happen organically, it's nice. I'm not one that normally collaborates. I play all the instruments, I produce my records. And it's great to meet people that I want to collaborate with at this point."

Some of Kravitz's limited collabos with the hip-hop world include 2002's "Show Me Your Soul" with Diddy, Loon and Pharrell from the Bad Boys 2 soundtrack and "Storm," featuring Jay-Z from his Baptism album. Kravitz also played guitar on the song "Guns & Roses" from Jay-Z's The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse album.

Last year, [article id="1654945"]Kravitz revealed that Teena Marie[/article] took him in when he was a teenager and credited the late soul singer with saving his life.

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