Kim Kardashian's Bleached Eyebrows Totally Change Her Face

Yesterday Kendall Jenner celebrated her 19th birthday, and it was only a matter of time before party photos started surfacing from the Kardashian clan. But we have to admit, we weren't expecting the b-day surprise to be coming from Kim. She just posted a slew of pics to Instagram from the bash, which feature pics of herself and friends... sans eyebrows.

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Kim's bleached brows totally change the shape of her face, making her forehead look longer and almost alien. The caption on her photo reads, "About last night... #KendallsBDayParty #DontBeScaredOfMyBleachedBrows #ItsForAPhotoShoot" as she (ironically/brilliantly) stands next to eyebrow legend Cara Delevingne—who openly hates bleached brows herself. But guys, a photo shoot for what? We're gonna guess something super high fashion considering Givenchy was responsible for stealing models' eyebrows at Paris Fashion Week earlier this fall, but we can only dream.

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Until then, you can stare at this amazing photo of Kim doing duckface sans brows next to Kanye while Cara awesomely shows off hers. #EyebrowsOnFleek, y'all.