7 Reasons Host Miley Cyrus Will Make It A Party At The VMAs

From her boldness to her love for glitter, this show will be a spectacle.

Our Smiler hearts are beaming with joy. Miley Cyrus is hosting the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, and there couldn't be a better person for the job when the VMAs air live on August 30 at 9/8c p.m.

Our friend has had quite the VMA history -- from hanging out with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in 2008 to dancing with a foam finger and Robin Thicke at the 2013 show. It makes sense that she takes charge of the festivities, right?

Here are "the seven things" we love about Miley Cyrus hosting the VMAs:

She uses her moment in the spotlight to make a change.


At the 2014 VMAs, Miley gave her acceptance speech time to her friend Jesse, who told the world about how we can help homeless youth in L.A.

She isn't afraid to stir up some controversy.

miley robin

Because the VMAs have never been averse to a little scandal. Her twerking at the 2013 VMAs got tongues wagging -- and not just hers.

She can slay the red carpet in anything.

miley mac miller

Faux fur and a leotard at the 2014 EMAs, full Pucci gown at the 2012 VMAs, off-the-shoulder pantsuit in 2013. Anything.

She isn't afraid to say what she really thinks.


No filter, y'all. Prepare yourselves for anything and everything.

She has a bunch of pals she can bring out.

miley ariana

From Ariana Grande to Wayne Coyne, there's no end to the celebrity friends she might invite.

She might turn the whole show into a glittery rainbow.

miley glitter

And who doesn't like glitter?

She's just a happy person.


From her smile, to her energy, to her positive views on life -- Miley's attitude is simply infectious.