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14 Awesome Secrets We Learned From The 'Mockingjay' Press Conference

Still more reasons why we can't wait for November 21.

With "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" only a few short weeks away from blowing up the box office, the cast and crew of the film took part in an international press conference this week to tease what's coming when it finally hits theaters. And what is coming? A whole lot of awesomeness, from the sound of it. Here are the best things we learned from their lengthy Q&A.

1. President Snow is secretly a huge Katniss Everdeen fan.


President Snow

Even though he feels unfortunately compelled to destroy her, Donald Sutherland says that President Snow is actually doing it for love. "Everything she does is right," he said of Katniss, and what Snow thinks about her. "It delights him, it charms him, and he adores her."

2. Elizabeth Banks wouldn't appear in this film without Suzanne Collins' say-so.


Effie Trinket

"It was important to me that Suzanne was on board," Elizabeth Banks said of the choice to include Effie Trinket in "Mockingjay." But with a big OK from the "Hunger Games" author, the actress is 100% behind the choice to put 100% more Effie in the movie: "I think it was right to bring Effie along for the ride," she said.

3. For Effie to appear in "Mockingjay," someone else had to go.


Effie Trinket

Banks also confirmed during the conference that Effie was slotted into the film at the expense of Fulvia, a character who served as Plutarch Heavensbee's assistant in the books. Sorry, Fulvia fans... if you even exist.

4. We'll unravel the mysteries of the silver Coin.


President Coin

About her character Alma Coin, Julianne Moore let slip that we'll be getting to know more about the backstory of the enigmatic District 13 leader, including the political evolution that shaped her into a power-hungry leader.

5. Expect even more girl power than in the previous two films.


The Hunger Games

It's never been a secret that the "Hunger Games" franchise is home to some of the best, most well-rounded female characters ever seen onscreen, but it was still nice to hear producer Nina Jacobson confirm that the trend will continue in "Mockingjay."

"We have the good fortune of adding two very important female characters," she said. "Complex, surprising, and not easily quantified. And not defined by their relationship to men."

6. Lorde really did curate the soundtrack from start to finish.

Getty Images

Lest anyone doubted the earlier reports that Lorde was the HBIC of the "Mockingjay" soundtrack, director Francis Lawrence confirmed that everything from the songs to the artists to the types of music showcased on the soundtrack were chosen solely by Lorde. The rest of the production team didn't even get a vote.

7. You're getting a whole new Finnick Odair.



Sam Claflin still plays the character, but the actor warned us: the grinning playboy with a predilection for sugar cubes and flagrant nudity is nowhere to be found in "Mockingjay."

"You get to see a whole different dynamic from him," Claflin promised.

8. Stanley Tucci's Caesar Flickerman performance is based on nobody in particular... or is it?


When it comes to portraying the flamboyant host of the Capitol's favorite TV show, Tucci said that there's no one real-life personality on whom he bases his performance... but he also says, "If there were, I wouldn't say because, it would be incredibly insulting."

9. There were multiple candidates for the final scene in "Mockingjay, Part 1."



With so many places to potentially put the break between "Mockingjay" parts one and two, director Francis Lawrence didn't know going in exactly where he'd want to make the cut. The ultimate decision is still a mystery, but Lawrence admitted that "we did go back and forth a little bit between 5 or 6 scenes."

10. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the real deal in this movie.



After the actor's tragic death, rumors began to swirl that he would turn up in the "Mockingjay" films in the form of recycled footage or a digital hologram. Fortunately, says Francis Lawrence, that wasn't necessary: "He was almost done with his work. We're not doing any kind of digital trickery."

11. Keep your eyes on Effie for some creative costuming.


Effie Trinket

You can take the girl out of the style capital of Panem, but you can't take the style out of the girl. Before Effie's appearance in District 13, Elizabeth Banks said that a "Project Runway"-esque situation took place with costume designers Kurt and Bart. Of what she'll be wearing onscreen, Banks would only say, mysteriously, "They really knew what to do with a pair of hose."

12. Jennifer Lawrence loved living in jumpsuits.


Although she loves the high fashion of the Capitol, Lawrence said that she greatly appreciated the chance to spend 10 months dressed like, quote, "Bob the Builder."

13. Natalie Dormer was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to play Cressida.


Natalie Dormer - Cressida

Although she sports only a slice of shorn scalp in the films, Dormer originally came on board with the intention of shaving her whole entire head for the role.

14. Jennifer Lawrence is perfectly thrilled with her Katniss Everdeen pigeonhole.


Although she admitted to being worried at the start that she'd be forever linked with "The Hunger Games," Jennifer Lawrence said that the role has been more life-defining and more precious to her than she ever anticipated.

"I love everything about her," she said of Katniss. "I'm honored to carry this character with me for the rest of my life."

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1" hits theaters November 21.