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Coheed And Cambria Recording 'Prequel' Album Inspired By Claudio Sanchez's 'Amory Wars'

Frontman expects comics-inspired LP to drop 'in a year or so.'

Blame it on George Lucas: Just when you thought [article id="1565897"]the saga was over[/article], Coheed and Cambria are coming back with more. And this time, it's an origin story.

Thanks to singer Claudio Sanchez's work on the band's albums-translated-as-comics-series "The Amory Wars," have been inspired to do a "prequel" album of sorts. (Learn more about the comic series from Sanchez himself on our Splash Page blog.) The LP will be about, well, Coheed and Cambria -- as in the characters throughout the science-fiction mythology explored on the band's four albums thus far -- only this time, it might make sense.

"So far, it's just songs," Sanchez said. "It's actually been a lot of fun. I've just been working on what it's about and sending it to [drummer] Chris [Pennie] on the Internet. Everything's very rough right now, but it's sounding pretty cool."

Sanchez has a working title for the album -- which he refuses to reveal, since he doesn't want to be held to it just yet. "I get a lot of that," he said. "People will be like, 'But you said this.' Sorry." But if fans need to call it something, he said, "Amory Wars Prequel" will do for now.

The band is in the early stages of creating the prequel, a long way from recording any songs, but Sanchez estimates the album could be ready "in a year or so."

"I just need to find that extra nudge," he said. "I need someone to knock on my door and say, 'Look at this,' before I can really finish it up."

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