President Trump Almost Interfered With This Teen's 'My Super Sweet 16' Bash

How is the Commander-in-Chief connected to this milestone event?

President Trump and a teenager named Dy'mond became connected during tonight's My Super Sweet 16 installment. So how did the Commander-in-Chief become indirectly involved with this MTV milestone event? The vivacious Youtuber's desire to have a helicopter entrance at her Boca Raton-based bash.

"The President is in town, and it's a no-fly zone -- it's about security," Dy'mond's father Daniel told his clearly concerned child. "We may not be able to get that. He's been coming in every weekend since he's been President."

"The President can't come to town -- he can't ruin my party," Dy-mond retorted. Paging the Oval Office...

So was Dy'mond -- who also stressed that this night had to be bigger than her wedding -- able to get the ritzy ride she so desired? [image src="wp-attachment://3012911" title="" alt=""]

"The helicopter entrance worked just the way I wanted it to," the elated lady of the day stated after taking to the skies, as her pals chanted her name and watched her grand debut as she touched down.

From there, the diamond-themed (fitting, right?) soiree went off without a hitch. There was a second entrance (this time out of a diamond structure), a dance performance, outfit changes and her dream car.

"If I could rate my party on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 12," Dy'mond declared after the festivities wrapped. But if the President interfered, we're sure it would have been a slightly lower number...

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