Heidi Montag Calls Debut LP 'The Most Challenging Thing I've Ever Done'

'I've put more into this than anyone could possibly comprehend,' the 'Hills' star says of 'Superficial.'

[url id=""]"Hills"[/url] star [artist id="3187707"]Heidi Montag[/artist] finally released her [article id="1627221"]debut album, Superficial,[/article] on Tuesday (January 12). After working on the LP for years and spending time in the studio with producers and songwriters like Cathy Dennis and Steve Morales, Montag is ready to prove she's more than just a reality-TV star.

"Today is one of the biggest days of my life. I have been working three years on this," she told MTV News. "I have spent all my money. I am literally broke because I did this independently. Most artists just go in the booth and sing the songs. For me, I had to find the song, choose the song, track it down, book the studio time. I really wanted to be a part of it every step of the way."

Montag knows some people will be skeptical of her musical ability because she got her start on "The Hills," but she's ready to make a name for herself like any other pop rookie. "I think all new artists need to prove themselves," she explained. "I think the music speaks for itself. I had the best people producing. I had the best songwriters."

Getting those famed producers and songwriters to work with her wasn't easy, she recalled. "It was very difficult, especially not having a label. I had to find them," she said. "It really was a blessing that all this came together. It took me three years. It was the most challenging thing I've ever done, and I didn't have a lot of money. I was literally paying for songs, check by check."

Citing the Beatles and Michael Jackson as inspirations for making the album, Montag is happy she took her time. "They spent years on albums, 'cause they wanted the quality to be so good, and that's really what I did," she said. "I'm bringing it back to that old mentality of music. I, literally, the last three years, have been in studios almost every day, and I've put more into this than anyone could possibly comprehend."

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