Beyoncé Shouts Out 'Jersey Shore' During 'Today' Interview

On Tuesday morning (February 9), Beyoncé paid a visit to NBC's "Today" show for a chat with fourth hour hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford about her new perfume (which is called "Heat"). During the conversation, the hosts wanted to know how the superstar manages to keep out of the tabloid pages so often. Beyoncé chalks it up to her uncontroversial personal life, which errs on the side of simplicity.

"Once I get off stage, I just want to go back to the hotel and get comfortable and watch TV," she told Kotb and Gifford. Of course, the hosts wanted to know what her guilty pleasure was when it came to television. And though she said she likes watching the news, she settled on a single program that has swept the nation and found its way to the singer's heart.

"I was just watching a marathon of 'Jersey Shore.' It was hilarious!" Beyoncé said. "It's good, quality television."

So there you have it. Even though Snooki wasn't entirely sure who Phoenix or Judas Priest were, there's no doubt that the "Jersey Shore" crew knows all about Beyoncé. Mrs. Jay-Z is the latest high-profile fan of the hit MTV show, which will get a second season later this year.

As for her perfume, she wanted to give fans the opportunity to smell like her mother.

"I wanted women to have a lasting impression when they walk into a room," she explained. "My mother, when she walks past, you know it's my mother's fragrance, and I always loved that. It was important that it stood out and was original and that was sexy."

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