Fat Joe Won't Dance With Ginuwine, But Records With R. Kelly

Heavyset rapper promises no fancy footwork win upcoming video for 'Crush Tonight.'

NEW YORK -- He'll jump up and down, he'll run across the stage, he'll even expose his bare, hairy chest and back. But don't expect hip-hop ambassador Fat Joe to trip the light fantastic in his new video for "Crush Tonight."

"I'm a big Heavy D fan, [so] I'll leave that to the Heavster," Joe said with a laugh Tuesday night at Sony Studios. "He's coming out with a new album. I don't dance much. Yeah, I really do dance when the cameras are off. I don't think Fat Joe would be caught dancing like that."

Heavy D isn't slated to appear alongside Joe in the clip for "Crush Tonight," but Ginuwine is. The two go in front of the cameras Sunday in New York with director Benny Boom calling the shots.

"I thugged [Ginuwine] out," Joe said of what to expect from the video. "You know who's the realest in the game? Ginuwine is one of the most talented singers in the world. When you hear him sing [on the song], you'll be like 'Man that's something that Fat Joe would have him say.' The video is going to be real sexy.

"We about to do it," he added. "The furs are back. The song is sexy. I just want to pick up where I left off. I love going to clubs and having the ladies singing my songs, cats singing the lyrics to the girls. It's a new experience to me. You know I represent the big men across America, across the world. I gotta make the fat guys feel good. Bring that stock up for the fat guys, that old sex symbol stuff."

Outside of his album Loyalty, which drops November 12 and features appearances from his Terror Squad's Tony Sunshine, Remy Martin, Armageddon and a posse cut with Baby and Scarface, Joe will be working with a couple of people known for making hearts flutter.

"They just contacted me to do something with J. Lo," Joe said, going through his laundry list of guest appearances in his head. "Mark Ronson, a famous DJ, I rocked on his joint. R. Kelly! [I'm on] his new album. Me and the R. are back together. Word, I rocked with R. Kelly."

Joe said despite the Chi-Town native's recent problems with the law (see [article id="1457703"]"R. Kelly's Brother: I Support Him But Won't Take The Fall"[/article]), he was more than happy to work again with Kelly, who sang on the Jealous Ones Still Envy hit "We Thuggin'."

"That's the R.," he said unapologetically. "He's the best that's ever done it and a good friend of mine. What can I do? I'm here for music. I'm making music. You in the studio making music, ... [and] everything that's going on in the world is out the window, man. You in [the studio] vibing, making great songs, making music, you want to forget the world.

"As a musician you go in the studio, turn up the beats, it's just you. And anybody who says R. Kelly isn't talented is crazy. Everyone knows he's probably the best that's ever done it. It's an honor for me to work with the R. I wish him the best with his legal troubles, but I don't even ask him about that. Him as an artist, he was able to tune everything out. The R. is crazy, his music is crazy. He came with a joint. Nothing's changed. He's the R."

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