Charli XCX Is 'Doing It' With Rita Ora In New Song And Video

And they're looking pretty '90s.

Charli XCX may have finally released her punk-tinged hit record Sucker -- after much anticipation -- but she's not out of surprises yet. The "Boom Clap" singer is primed to let loose a new version of album track "Doing It" featuring Rita Ora, and, it seems, a video is on the way.

Wednesday, Charli sent out a tweet heralding the release of the new iteration. The jam is due out January 12, and was apparently partly responsible for Sucker's ever-changing release date.

Judging by the tweet and below Instagram, however, a video will soon hit the scene, and if the photo in question is a still, it looks just as deliciously '90s as Charli's previous offerings. Pleasant blouse? Check. Crop top? Check. Totally anachronistic phone booth? Check. Chokers? Triple check.

UPDATE: The song is out! And now we will listen until the weekend...

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