'Are You The One?' Season 3: See Who's Still Together -- And Who's Not

Have any of the perfect matches survived?

Devin may have exclaimed that his fellow "Are You the One?" counterparts should "never give up on love!" -- but have any of the perfect matches or non-scientifically compatible pairings survived outside of the ambitious dating experiment? After all, they self-admittedly all "suck" at relationships...


MTV News caught up with most of the victorious cast members (what a finish to get 10 beams!) to find out what they've been doing since they truly opened up their hearts (love that tip, Ryan Devlin) and departed paradise a little bit richer. Check 'em out below:

Chuck & Britni

Britni Thornton


The Truth Booth didn't stop these two from finding everlasting love in Hawaii -- and since walking away victorious with the rest of their crew, the duo made a big relationship leap. "I have been enjoying the island life in an upgraded way with my beautiful mermaid by my side," Chuck divulges. "Britni and I are living together in Hawaii and enjoying every second." That's right, the beauty queen moved to Hawaii to be with her man -- and adds that she is "living the dream in paradise." They both plan on using their new funds to travel the world.

Hannah & Zak

Zak Longo


Another non-perfect match success story! Hannah moved from New York to Los Angeles, and her romance with Zak is still going strong (they've been together since the show). "Thanks, MTV, for love and money," the Canadian says, while his gal adds, "We got both."


After leaving Hawaii, one half of Chonnor returned back home to the South Side of Chicago and has been busy working to open his own gym.

As for his love life...drumroll...he and his perfect match are not together. "We never clicked in a romantic way; however, she is my perfect match and it makes total sense why," the gentle giant says about his bond with Chelsey. And even though the fan favorites aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, the only Honeymooners still talk every day, and Connor reveals he "found a best friend for life" (AWWWWW).


The lovable Southerner is living in Atlanta and busy launching her clothing line, working on her music and singing. Rashiiiiiiddddaa (can't resist!) also admits that she was "never" with her puppet master perfect match Devin. "I love Devin as a friend and cherish the crazy moments we spent together and how much I learned from him," she discloses.


The sweet gentleman is currently working as a personal training manager -- and wants to use his prize money to get a new vehicle, go to grad school and donate some to a charity (to be determined!). He is (obviously) not with his PM Hannah -- and he is still in touch with Stacey, but the two are just friends. "The distance made it hard for us to be together," he says.


The outspoken brunette is figuring out her next move -- with her "main bitches"" Amanda and Stacey! -- from Connecticut to either New York or Los Angeles. Even though she and her perfect match Zak aren't romantically involved (see above), they are still "great friends." In addition, Kayla also talks to Devin a lot, chats with her initial crush Connor "every once in a while" and meets up with Mike often. Ideas on how to spend her new chunk of change? "I plan on investing my winnings or taking a really dope vacation," she dishes. "I've always wanted to travel the world so maybe I'll start now."


These days, the master strategist is staying focused on "business and family." Given his perfect match was Britni, the two are not together -- and according to the blue-eyed Texan, had "no connection." And even though he makes more in a month than the actual winnings (!), he plans to use his prize money to pay his taxes.


The question on everyone's minds: Are Diki still in existence? "We dated for a while after the show," the 24-year-old explains. "He came to visit me in Virginia and met my family and friends. Long distance was a major factor in our breakup, but we still talked every single day up until Episode 7 came out, and then I realized how he had played me the entire time. He tried calling and texting me a million times telling me how horrible he felt and how sorry he was and how much he loves me. As of now, I can't believe anything he says." She also hasn't seen her perfect match Mike (they are "strictly friends") since the show -- and is still holding on to her "Perfect Match" bracelets.

Moving the aforementioned guys to the side, the 24-year-old is finishing up her last semester of graduate school and working toward her masters in Special Education and teaching license. She communicates with Chelsey, Stacey and Melanie every single day -- and plans to take her mom on a trip to Disney World and pay off some student loans with her extra moolah.


Not much has changed for the level-headed gal post-"AYTO": She is still living in Orlando and will graduate with her bachelors in psychology in spring 2016. Like her PM already mentioned above, Chonnor aren't an item. "Getting to experience my first honeymoon and exploring Hawaii with such an amazing guy was the highlight of this whole experience for me," Chelsey shares. "I found someone who I can be close with and trust for the rest of my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Thank the matchmakers for me." We will, C!


The New Yorker is keeping busy: She's still keeping up with her day/nights job as a babysitter, motivational dancer at parties (bar/bat mitzvahs), Zumba instructor and model and is working toward her Personal Training certification. When it comes to Chuck, Melanie's first connection was with the Hawaiian hunk. "It’s as if my drunken gut told me he was my match, however it was difficult to pursue the guy in the house that 'most' of the girls wanted," the Long Island gal elaborates. "Although I can see 100% why Chuck and I are perfect matches, him and I are not together and did not try and work things out because he is happily in love with my real perfect match, Britni!"


Since the show, the drama king has been "working on my dad bod, throwing cool parties and making hot music." As of now, he doesn't really speak with Rashida -- even though he describes her an "amazing person" and has "a lot of love with her." The red cup mastermind also has "no plans" for his prize just yet.


The 25-year-old made a big change after Hawaii -- he moved from Indiana to Los Angeles and is "excited to see how his life will blossom." He is not with his perfect match Cheyenne (getting to know each other in the outside world when they didn't really connect in paradise proved to be a challenge), but they do keep in touch.


The 22-year-old is now living in his New Jersey hometown -- and is "killing it in the gym and posting a ton of selfies on Instagram" (evidence above). With regards to Amanda, the two "never tried" to be together. "We exchanged some texts, but the reality of it is, distance is one hell of a bitch," he says.


Magic Mike is in the Big Apple (specifically, Queens) and is gearing up for several big tests (series 7 and a real estate exam). He also recently went to Vegas with Connor and Zak -- and while he wishes he could elaborate on the Sin City extravaganza, he divulges that "some things are better left for the imagination."


The Staten Island gal is currently figuring out "her next move" (she's still in New York) -- but one way she's thinking about spending her cash is to "book a nice vacation." Unsurprisingly, she and Nelson are not together because they were never in a relationship. "Nelson is a great guy and we've spoken here and there, but I think we are just better off as friends," she says.

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