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Swedish House Mafia Focus On Future Releases, Expanding Tour

Trio parts ways with annual Pacha Ibiza residency in 2012.

There's a good chance your ears are still ringing from Swedish House Mafia's takeover of [article id="1676140"]Madison Square Garden[/article], which was streamed live over the weekend. But now that New York is back to normal and you've had a chance to watch the [article id="1676282"]"Antidote" video[/article] a hundred times, it's safe to say that Swedish House Mafia fans the world over are anxiously awaiting what's next from the rock stars of house music. After months of rumors and chatter on studio work, MTV News sat down with the boys to see just what their plan of attack for 2012 and beyond really is.

"There's stuff in the works," Steve Angello said. "Obviously, we always have [article id="1669030"]stuff in the works[/article]."

"But there's something that's really close," Axwell teased.

Whether that means an album or the formal release of what's being dubbed "Inks" (which is rumored to be the new SHM single and debuted as the MSG opener on Friday), any chatter of fresh SHM tunes is certainly welcome news to their loyal following. But SHM admit they aren't sure what form any of their releases will take.

"We haven't decided yet," Angello admitted.

"We would like to obviously present something, more of a fuller experience," Axwell added.

"[But] we still have to be together in the studio to finish it," Angello continued.

Even though "Save the World," their remix of Coldplay's "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall," and "Antidote" have unequivocally pacified the masses, it is perfectly clear that everyone wants more.

"We really are focusing on getting together and finishing stuff," Axwell said. "We kind of cleared our schedules a bit and [are making] fairly clever decisions of when we are doing a tour -- let's rent a villa, let's put in a studio, let's work! Those kind of things."

Part of that focus includes parting ways with their now-legendary, Monday night gig at Pacha Ibiza, where for three years, they held residencies with The Dark Forest and most recently Masquerade Motel -- both were must-sees for anyone's visiting the Balearic shores.

"This coming year we'll probably do more shows," Angello explained. "But it will be more spread out. Seventeen shows in Ibiza might be 17 shows around the world instead, which I would prefer now because -- it's a big world."

A world that's actually become a lot smaller in a sense thanks in large part to SHM courting the masses into one big EDM family. In all likelihood, this coming year, the Mafia will continue charting new territories and pushing the boundaries, all the while making us smile.

"You've seen how we work through the years," Angello said. "It's just growing and growing and growing -- and we're gonna grow some more -- and hopefully Axwell is gonna grow a beard!"

"I'm trying!" Axwell laughed "Mustache is not a problem. It's the rest of the beard that's a problem. It's called a 'model's' beard. I prefer to call it that. I have a model's beard."

What tunes are you looking forward to Steve, Ax and Seb releasing? Let us know in the comments below!