Haim Sing-Scream Their Frustrations In The Lipstick-Stained 'Steps' Video

'Just scream "you don't understand me" and I swear your day will be better,' they said

A day after announcing their third album, Women In Music Pt. III, Haim have shared another must-hear taste of what's to come. On Tuesday (March 3), the L.A. trio released "The Steps," a fast-paced, guitar-led rocker that continues to show us their range.

The new single comes alongside a sloppy but lived-in video directed by Danielle and the band's frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. In it, the sisters make a mess of getting ready in the morning — they spit out toothpaste, smear lipstick on the mirror, and throw clothes at the camera before jumping into the pool. As they get done and then undone, they sing-scream their frustrations over a thrashing guitar riff: "Every time I think that I've been takin' the steps / You end up mad at me for makin' a mess / I can't understand, why you don't understand me."

Later, Danielle pounds on the drums in a lipstick-stained tank top. Much to our delight, she even posted a behind-the-scenes tutorial from "Danielle's drum dungeon" on Twitter.

Speaking about their favorite bit of the new song in a Tuesday afternoon interview with Radio 1's Annie Mac, the band said, "I think the main lyric which we end up screaming —which actually feels really good when you do it — is, 'you don't underSTAND me.' The way we sing it, I feel like everyone can scream along to it. … Just scream it as loud as you can. It feels good! It's therapeutic. Just scream 'you don't understand me' and I swear your day will be better."

Like the rest of Women In Music Pt. III (which they've brilliantly shortened to WIMP3), "The Steps" is produced by Danielle Haim, Ariel Rechtshaid, and Rostam. The album arrives on April 24 and includes the trilogy of singles the band released last year: "Summer Girl," "Now I'm In It," and "Hallelujah." They've also collected the four songs into an EP for easy springtime listening.