Why Have There Been So Many UFO Sightings This Month?

A new photo from astronaut Scott Kelly adds fuel to November's alien mania.

It’s been a good month for UFO believers.

Mysterious lights flew over Los Angeles earlier this month, causing wild speculation about extraterrestrial activity. Strange clouds over Cape Town, South Africa, inspired a similar flurry of questions. Now, a photo taken by astronaut Scott Kelly has prompted even more paranormal theorists to cry “aliens."

On Nov. 15, Kelly tweeted a photo of the night sky over India from the International Space Station, where he’s been living for more than a year. A light in the picture’s upper right corner prompted a few UFO aficionados to speculate as to whether it could be a carefully constructed spacecraft...or whether it’s just a trick of the light.

The UFO looks more like a glowing barbell than a flying saucer, but we’ve got to admit it’s a little out of place in Kelly’s scenic snapshot.

On Nov. 7, the internet buzzed with UFO mania when a series of mysterious lights flashed over California. Apparently, they were caused by a Navy missile test, though not everyone bought that explanation.

During the same weekend, clouds shaped like flying saucers hovered over Cape Town — but those were easier to explain. They’re called lenticular clouds, and they form when damp winds blow over uneven terrain.

So far, scientists have not explained the cigar-like apparition in Kelly’s photo. That UFO remains unidentified — for now.

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