The Matrix Return To The Shadows, Forge Ahead With Ricky Martin, Shakira LPs

Producers also working with Korn.

BEVERLY HILLS, California -- For two years, the Matrix were holed up in a studio grafting beats for their debut LP, but once the production trio realized that the demands of being a band provided little time to actually make music, they quickly pulled the plug.

"There was going to be a Matrix record until we found ourselves standing outside our own studio doing interviews all day and not being able to actually work on anything," the Matrix's Lauren Christy said. "So we decided it would be far more beneficial for us to be behind the scenes and not have to go to radio stations all around the country promoting our album. We were like, 'We're too old for this. Forget it.' "

"We didn't realize we were going to have to be a band again," joked Christy's hubby and fellow Matrix member Graham Edwards.

So the group, which was at no loss for work at the time producing tracks for several high-profile artists, happily handed off the songs to one of its singers. "We were so busy working on other things that we decided to turn the record into a solo project for one of [them]," Scott Spock said.

One project in particular that the Matrix are currently working on, Spock noted, "is going to be huge." "We're actually in the studio right now working on something really, really special that we can't talk about [just yet], but we're working with an artist you would never expect us to work with. Look for it because it's going to be amazing."

Sorry, Scott. Apparently, the artist didn't get the memo. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis leaked the news of the top-secret collaboration to MTV News last week, saying the Matrix were among a handful of producers working on the band's new LP, set to drop in October (see [article id="1502783"]"Korn's Davis Dispels Rumors About New LP, Says Head 'Had Problems For Years' "[/article]).

The Matrix have carved quite a name for themselves in the biz. Since 2002, the trio have scored hits for Britney Spears, Robbie Williams and Mooney Suzuki. They also wrote Avril Lavigne's break-out single "Complicated," which catapulted the punk-pop tart to superstar status (see [article id="1470503"]"Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne Fall Into The Matrix"[/article]).

The band of producers also penned seven tracks for Shakira's second English-language album, Oral Fixation 2, out in November. The disc will be the English counterpart to the singer's forthcoming Spanish disc, Fijación Oral Vol. 1, dropping June 7 (see [article id="1479248"]"The Matrix Record With Shakira, Prep Debut Album"[/article]). Three or four songs should end up on the disc, says Christy.

"Of course, she's producing it, but when we were doing the demos, to us it felt a little bit like the Pretenders or the Cure. We're really dying to see what she does [with it] because she's a genius," Christy said.

The group also wrote Josh Kelley's new single, "Only You" (hitting radio June 6), plus a few tracks for Ricky Martin's upcoming LP. "It's been a pretty long spell, I guess, since his last record, and he wants to come back with something pretty bitchen," Edwards said. "Everyone's waiting for him and I think it's going to be huge."

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