Know Your 2007 Oscar Nominees: Actress Kate Winslet, Little Children

We’re counting down to the Oscars by introducing you to some of the best and sometimes overlooked performances of this year's Oscar contenders. Today’s episode: Queen of the World?

It’s just hard to find anyone else out there like Kate Winslet. In the history of film. Ever. At the age of thirty-one she’s already on her fifth Oscar nomination, starred in the highest grossing film of all time and holds her own unique Oscar record. And, oh yeah, she’s quite simply one of the single best screen performers working today. Period.

Essential Filmography:

Titanic. Look. Not including this is like forgetting your wife’s birthday – there are some things you can get away with, but that is absolutely not one of them. If you still haven’t seen this, I’d really like to know how you get DSL wired under that rock. However, it is also notable because it leads to today’s how to look smart at the Oscar party trivia question. Only twice in the history of the Oscars have two people been nominated for playing the same role in the same film. A single actress received a nomination on both of those occasions. That actress is Kate Winslet. She was nominated for playing the young Rose, while Gloria Stuart was nominated for playing Old Rose. Both were beaten out by Helen Hunt. So what was the second film?

Iris. A beautiful little film about a lifelong romance between a novelist and her husband. Winslet was nominated along with Judi Dench, each for playing the role of Iris Murdoch. Both were beaten out by Halle Berry.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Oh hell yes. Easily my favorite film and performance of Winslet’s, Kate plays a broken, crazy ex-girlfriend who has her jerk of an introvert boyfriend wiped from her mind. In return he attempts to do the same, only to discover how much he really loves her and then try frantically to save his memories. Probably both the best science fiction film of the decade and one of the most honest about why people stay in bad relationships – it is a grand metaphor told superbly through the acting of Winslet and co-star Jim Carrey.

Hamlet. I mentioned this yesterday and I’ll mention it again. Winslet’s Ophelia is how I first truly fell in love with her. If you’ve never seen this, you’ve never seen a performance of a truly cracked and shattered Ophelia. Her final moments onscreen are truly haunting and some of the most powerful of the entire film. The death of Ophelia in the play has always been a big moment, but somehow, Winslet made it epic and steals the show.

Heavenly Creatures. Peter Jackson’s bizarre true crime film about two young girls who live together in their own fantasy world, are separated and plan a crime to get back at their parents. Dark, disturbing and easily the film that most convinced New Line to give Jackson hundreds of millions of dollars to film his little fantasy trilogy. This is roots Winslet. While Sense and Sensibility may have shown her to be solid romantic material, this is the film that showed everyone what she was capable of.

Why she probably shouldn’t get the gold: Quills. This isn’t a bad movie, really. But probably one of the ickiest I’ve seen. They took our poor, sweet Rose, our Marianne Dashwood, our Ophelia. And they did unspeakable things to her. And then she did The Life of David Gale, which was just unspeakable.

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