4 Reasons To Be Stoked For Emma Stone's Broadway Extension

Life 'is' a cabaret, old chum!

By popular demand, Emma Stone will bid you willkommen, bienvenue, and welcome to "Cabaret" on Broadway for two more magical weeks, concluding her star turn in the show on February 15, Deadline reports.

It's a nice extra bit of time onstage for the actress, who was originally supposed to hand off her role as Sally Bowles to some other lady starting February 2, but who must have been asked to stick around 'cause she's doing such a spectacular job of it. But it's not just good news for Emma; we, the adoring public, have a few good reasons to be super-excited ourselves about her extended "Cabaret" run. For instance...

It's one less reason to dread the start of February

Pop culturally speaking, February is a cold, cruel, empty month where the only good thing to watch ever, anywhere, is the "Groundhog Day" marathon, if they even have one. So, big cheers to Emma for sticking around to make the cultural landscape a little less desolate.

A ginger Sally Bowles is the best Sally Bowles

Nowhere is it specifically written that Bowles, the show's leading lady, has to be a redhead -- but it's always better when she is, and now, she'll be one for an extra two weeks.

Procrastinators, here's your big chance

If you couldn't get it together to pick up "Cabaret" tickets because the holidays were making you crazy and poor, now you have the perfect thing on which to spend some of those Christmas cash giftcards.

And boyfriends, here's your big chance

It's not coincidence, o boyfriends of the world, that Emma will be concluding her "Cabaret" run on February 15 -- giving you the perfect opportunity to spend Valentine's Day the way it was meant to be spent: with your beloved, in a darkened theater, watching Emma Stone singing, dancing, and shaking her pert behind in a set of skimpy vintage underpants.